The following documents outline the position of the People's Movement in relation to the EU constitution which was rejected by the voters of France and the Netherlands:

The 'Lisbon Treaty' and 'EU Constitution' compared

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The documents below provide a detailed comparison between the provisions of the 'new' Lisbon Treaty and the proposed EU Constitution which was rejected by the voters of France and the Netherlands. The following conventions are used: provisions in black have been carried over from the Constitution unchanged; those in blue are provisions of the Constitution that were scrapped or amended; those in red are provisions of the Constitution that have been further extended.

Documents from the archives

1.   Twelve Arguments against the EU Constitution, 27 March 2004.

2.   A Brief Critique of the Provisions of the Proposed Constitution for Europe, 2 July 2004.

3.   Additional powers proposed for the Council of Ministers by the Constitution, 13 July 2004.

4.   Would the Proposed EU Constitution have Primacy over the Irish Constitution?, 3 December 2004.

5.   The Undead Constitution. A People's Movement report details ten areas in which the draft EU-constitution is being implemented by stealth - despite its rejection by French and Dutch voters (PDF format), 4 October 2005.

6.   Referendum overview. A summary of the progress of ratification of the draft EU constitution in the various member states (PDF format), 18 February 2006.

7.   A chronology outlining the main events in the campaign to implement the draft EU constitution is available for downloading here. [July 2007]

8.   The cosmetic changes made in convertng the proposed EU constitution into the new 'reform treaty' are summarised here. [July 2007]

9.   These explanatory notes on the new 'Reform Treaty' analyse the superficial differences between, and the essential features shared by, the 2004 and the 2007 constitutional treaties. [October 2007]

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