Tony Bunyan

Tony Bunyan, director of Statewatch and founder of the European Civil Liberties Network, speaking on 'Is a surveillance society the shape of things to come?' at an event organised by the Irish Council for Civil Liberties in the Law Society of Ireland on on 20 June 2009.

Civil liberties under threat

Statewatch, a voluntary organisation that conducts and publishes research in the field of civil liberties, has drawn attention to the growing encroachment by EU agencies on civil liberties, especially in the area of electronic and internet surveillance. A summary of the findings can be read here.

EU directive threatens civil liberties

The Irish government has lost a case in the EU's highest court over a European directive on the retention of data by telecoms and internet providers. The directive, agreed in 2006, will require data relating to all e-mails and phone calls to be retained for a period of up to two years. An article on the issue can be read here. [May 2009]

New pamphlet

A new pamphlet on the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which forms part of the Lisbon Treaty, has been issued by the People's Movement. A copy of the pamphlet in PDF format can be downloaded here. [April 2008]


The documents below highlight some of the dangers currently posed to our civil liberties:

1.   Could the Death Penalty be Reintroduced in the EU Constitution?, 12 December 2004.

2.   An EU Watershed Decision. Anthony Coughlan draws attention to a little-noticed ruling by the European Court which significantly enlarged the powers of the EU at the expense of its member states (PDF format), 18 December 2005.

3.   Sellafield ruling. A press statement on the ruling of the European Court of Justice which found that Ireland broke European Union law by taking a case to a United Nations tribunal in an effort to get Britain to close the Sellafield (PDF format), 30 May 2006.

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