Congratulations to the Dutch public

For decades the majority of EU governments have systematically refused to consult their peoples on the main treaties adopted by the EU. These elites have deliberately ignored the people to pursue an agenda which serves the interests of the big European corporations. Their contempt for the people has now rebounded on them with a vengeance.

Any attempt to revise the constitution to make it more acceptable to the advocates of a 'social Europe' should be opposed. The EU has been developed by and for European big business; we welcome the success of the 'no' forces in the Dutch referendum as another significant victory for democracy and a rejection of neo-liberalism and privatisation.

When will the EU elites call a halt to this anti-democratic charade? The Irish Government's intention to proceed with a referendum is now untenable. The only possible reason for proceeding with the ratification process in the remaining EU countries is the belief that those who voted 'no' can be bullied into accepting cosmetic changes.

Working people have been mobilised and have given their verdict on this constitution. The more the elites insist on continuing the ratification process the more they expose their anti-democratic nature, their true agenda, and the nature of EU integration. The majority of EU citizens were never consulted on the content of previous treaties and are now expressing their verdict on both the constitution and the neo-liberalism it contains.

If the Irish Government refuses to acknowledge that the process is dead and that to pursue it further is anti-democratic, who will believe their claim that the constitution is nothing more than a 'tidying-up exercise' which will not affect the interests of Irish workers?

1 June 2005

For sovereignty, democracy and social justice.