The Peoples Movement welcomes the decision of the people of France to vote 'no' to the EU constitutional treaty. This is a major defeat for the European elites. Despite the fact that the 'yes' side had overwhelming access to national media, both public and private, the French people saw through the smoke screen and were able to identify the key issues that would have had a major impact on the future of the their country, living standards, and public services.

The French people identified three key areas of concern which we also share: increased power for the centre at the expense of national democracy; growing militarisation of the EU process; and enshrinement of neo-liberalism in the constitution to the detriment of public services and public ownership.

We call for the complete scrapping of the ratification process, which cannot now proceed as the French people have spoken. If increased democracy and accountability is really the raison d'être of the constitution, as its supporters claim, there can be no other course of action.

30 May 2005

For sovereignty, democracy and social justice.